“Wives On Strike”- Nollywood Movie Review

The interesting thing, to me, about the movie was that the sex strike literally wasn’t important. It wasn’t the sex strike that got the senator’s wife, and people worldwide, interested in the case – it was the video of the village women physically stopping the marriage by not allowing the child in question to be taken away by the agbaya olori gbeske Chief. You could literally take out the sex strike and the end result would have been the same, the only difference would be the genre of film.

Brymo’s “In the City” – Nigerian Music Video Review

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ey_p6VPbwE Tosin: I mean ya’ll know I luh me some Brymo, and he has stayed true to many of the elements that are typical of his work. There is a critique, not of the government necessarily as we see in many Naija political songs, but of the people in Nigeria. He brings up the complacency … Continue reading Brymo’s “In the City” – Nigerian Music Video Review

“Beyond Disability” – Nollywood Movie Review

Ibaka’s description: Paul’s generousity (*generosity*) leads him to helping a disabled young girl, bringing out the best her. He is yet to find out that this disabled stranger is much more than he had ever imagined. (Were you as confused as I was in reading that description? Good.) I typically love Desmond Elliot movies as … Continue reading “Beyond Disability” – Nollywood Movie Review