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“Ovy’s Voice” is a movie about a mute, makeup artist and on one fateful day she has a negative encounter with a young man.  We come to find out the young man is the son of one of her biggest clients: Mrs. G. Of course, a love story blossoms between Ovy and the son, his name is Anaan, however as their relationship grows it becomes obvious that Ovy is hesitant to open up to Anaan and we don’t quite figure out why, till the end

Spoiler free review –
I really loved this movie. This movie was the first romance movie since, “The Contract”, that I really felt the Chemistry between the two leads. Speaking of Chemistry, the actors that played Ovey and Anaan (Abisola Aiyeola and Mofe Duncan) – yes gawd. They are both gorgeous, which I think definitely attributes to how good their chemistry was, because they are a believable, good-looking couple. The chemistry between the two was palpable! Like I saw ole’ boy rubbing her booty when he was kissing her, I loved it!


While that chemistry can certainly be accredited to good acting, it is also very much so accredited to great directing, so I’m going to be following Dimeji Abiola, the director, and Biodun Stephen, the screen play writer.

While the Romantic chemistry was there, all the other relationships, whether it be platonic or familial, had great chemistry as well. I truly felt like Yv, who introduces herself as Ovy’s cousin, and Ovy were family. I loved the cute, friendly, and familiar relationship between Anaan and his mom. It was so great to see that this wasn’t going to be an evil mother-in-law type story. This cast really makes me excited for this new era of Nollywood
Other great stuff: The lighting, video quality, audio quality, and editing quality were all great. The soundtrack was PERFECT. I was beaming like a fool when I heard “kokoro ife”, and I’m definitely going to check out the other songs in the soundtrack. The editing was seamless, and the costuming! Ovy is a makeup artist so they made sure her mug was beat! And so was Mrs. G! All her Owambe fits were perfect and fit her status. I loved all of Anaan’s outfits as well. The story itself and how it unfolded was also well done.
Now for the cons – I had to honestly search for the cons because the quality of this movie was so solid. The main con for me was a liiiiiitle lack of attention to detail. There was a point when there was a flashback to Ovy’s childhood and I wish the wardrobe reflected that time, which would have been about 10 – 15 years ago. Other than that, Ovy’s voice was a pretty great romantic film and I would recommend it to anyone

4.5/5 stars!

9 thoughts on ““Ovy’s Voice” – Nollywood Movie Review

  1. I would like to appreciate the good work from the film crew more especially the leading actors! Ovy and Anaan! I saw myself watching the movie from the onset to the end, normally i caught nap when watching the movie but Ovy’s Voice just made my day. I can watch it over and over again without giddiness, It made me feel like a new person and ready to face my relationship in a new way. I so told myself that love is something that is inside of a person and it comes with affection not just a word itself. Well all i want to say is thank you guys for reminding me that love still exist and from now on will really focus on resarecting my relationship, you really made me love again


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  4. Oh my gosh, I love this movie, I was glued to my tv from the first second this movie started. What an interesting romantic film with Only four characters ,that’s brilliant .
    I would watch this movie over and over again.
    Well done to everyone’s who made this movie a success.


  5. I loved this movie from beginning to end! The characters and especially the soundtrack! Wish I could find the soundtrack or at least the artist on the soundtrack though! Good movie overall


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