IrokoTV’s description:

A young female scavenger discovers that the heart of a man left for dead amongst many corpses littering the street after a war, is still beating. She takes him  home to cater for him and nurse his injuries for months. The man wakes up from coma only to realise he has another somewhere else.



So, I couldn’t finish the movie because it was giving me a headache. I’ll try and keep this short.

When I first started the film I thought it had potential – the gunshots matched the sounds when military combat was depicted, and so I thought my precious Nollywood had stepped their war movie game up but I guess they blew their whole budget on sound quality.

The movie was supposed to be based somewhere in Africa but because it was in some unknown African location everybody had K-leg accent. It sounded like a combination of Mallam, Soweto, and something else that I can’t quite place. Not to mention the accents were flickering like a candle, one second it was Soweto, next minute it was Jamaican and then all of a sudden they couldn’t even speak English again.


The main villain seemed like he was inspired by Idris Elba’s character in, “Beasts of No Nation” but he ended up sounding like Powerpuff Girl’s Mojojojo. The makeup effects made sense for like 2 seconds and then you realize that dead bodies have been sitting out in the sun for hours so they should be decayed by now but that was the least of their problems. Even though dead bodies have been sitting in the sun for hours, if not days, the remaining alive people in the village (all 3 of them) didn’t seem bothered by the smell nor sight of death around them. The acting from everyone was pretty subpar, however, I can’t entirely blame the actors because they didn’t have much to work with – the script was doodoo. They didn’t even give a reasoning for the war, or why this “warlord” decided to massacre a village. All the characters were 1-D with no type of complexity whatsoever. They were really ambitious with this thing and it failed horribly. I want a refund of my time and movie snacks.


P.S.- I wasted my time so you don’t have to. For reals. Don’t. *resumes headache*

*Also Iroko ratings are not to be trusted, this nonsense was rated 92% which was the only reason I gave it a second glance.

Rating: -5/10

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