Sooo…..we’ve been gone for a bit, abi? Pele oooh. BUT we are back! The plan is to review music and music videos on Mondays and to review films on Friday, wish us luck! Now to the review…..

Sound Sultan stars in the music video as the househelp for a man (played by Saidi Balogun) and has made it his personal mission to report his boss’s wife to him by claiming the madam is an, “Ashi” aka ashewo aka hoe aka harlot aka THOT aka woman of the night aka prostitute. Throughout the video he is on a phone conversation where he narrates different scenarios that he hopes will indicate the level of ashi-ness (not to be mistaken for ashyness) that the wife has achieved, to fully convince Baale (which means chief and can be used as an exaltation) of his wife’s infidelity. He mentions how she changes her clothes and attitude once Baale leaves the house, and how all of Baale’s friends (and even his driver!) have had a “share” of her.

Same, Uncle. Same

Music & Voice: I…luh Sound Sultan’s voice, I truly do. The vibrato pelu falsetto, chai! His voice sweets me mehn.

Sound Sultan’s voice is the personification of ijebu garri with ice block water and groundnut mehn. It’s smooth with some peaks and valleys. The music itself is a combination of jazz and highlife beats with crescendos that also mirror and complement Sound Sultan’s voice. He has a guitar in the video but it doesn’t match the actual music, is that wan guitar-syncing abi kini?

Video: The video was simple and perfect. It matched the storytelling of the song so well. It wasn’t anything showy or abstract – just a visual representation of the lyrics. The actors that were featured also did an amazing job conveying the dramatics and humor of the situation just with their body movements.

The only negative I can honestly think of is the lack of subtitles. The humor and brilliance of the video was mostly in the lyrics and how they were projected in the video via the actors’ actions but if I didn’t understand what was being said/sang, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the song or video as much as I did.

Will I be downloading it?: Yes.

Rating: 9.214/ 10

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