Ibaka TV description: “Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected surprises” Watch out as unexpected surprises are set to ruin a peaceful home.

iyanma face

“I mean….I guess…”


  • The traffic stop scene with the Police officers was much needed comedic relief
  • The sound production is on point in terms of no interruptions of the dialogue between the characters by the background music, or any external factors (eg. )
  • The video production was also well done


  • The movie starts off really slow, and doesn’t capture ones attention. It is with the introduction of the mystery caller, that our interest was caught.
  • Although after a while the caller was beginning to sound like a mosquito

  • It was kind of obvious who the mystery caller was though…the lips gave it away
  • If he doesn’t like talking to the mysterious caller, why does he continue to pick her calls?
  • Nollywood, Nollywood, Nollywooooood. How many times did I call you? Please fix these ladies weaves. Tenks.
  • The Spanish guitar background movie didn’t really fit in with the storyline, I kept expecting 2 guys to have a Wild Wild West showdown / cowboy duel.
  • There was a bit of overacting on the part of the oga at the beginning sha
  • Their filming technique is just weird. I get that the production team is trying to do something new
  • The camera transitions from scene to scene and from character to character during dialogues are also really odd, it really throws the viewer off
  • Oga, you can’t forcibly send someone to the hospital or threaten to suspend them
  • What kind of shitty doctor is this? Telling someone they have a mental issue without having a conducted a test of some sort.

  • So in the scene where he was running away from the hospital hands, how did they catch up to him so fast after he jumped in a car? I smell lies…
  • The chase scene was too long and a bit irrelevant
  • The flashback was irrelevant…I really need Nollywood to chill on these flashbacks, we aren’t goldfish, we can remember what we watch less than 5 mins ago
  • The ending rap song was quite…random…well so was the whole movie….

Final thoughts: All of this…for a birthday surprise? Das too murch bruh…too murch. The movie was just OK, it was nothing spectacular- like at all.

Rating: 4.3/10- It was an alright movie, but it had a very uneventful ending.

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