Iroko TV description: A devoted mother who attempts to stay connected with her children finds that her only son is very often too busy with life, work and friends to reciprocate the effort, however a trip home after his work colleague’s mother passes away forever changes their relationship.

Movie Trailer:


Thoughts during the movie

Tosin: How much money does this woman have to buy phone credit eh

Tonia:  She is a London grandmother what else do you expect. Of course she is rolling in credits

Tosin: The moral of the story is to always call your mom

Tosin: 2nd moral – boys are horrible to their mom’s apparently. Only girls call back.


Tosin: This celebrity scene is so unreal. How many Nigerians ACTUALLY lose their minds over celebs? We too chill for that mehn, and what threat could these girls even pose? If those her Aba made guards don’t go and sit down eh

Tosin: The morning devotion is my childhood meeehhhnnn. Why do naija mamas wake up so early to pray for Oluwa’s sake? I will pray so much berra at 2 pm

Tonia: Abi ooooo, but sef this nigga was never praying, always sleeping *cough story of my life *cough*

Tosin: How come this broda is always wearing the same shirt in all her dreams? It is the shirt that is cursed! Burn it!



Tonia: Ninjas always want to be claiming grown and being a man, but let the slightest thing happen to them and they are back in their mama’s wrapper, mtchew

Tosin: First they displayed “Open Heaven”, then they show RCCG sign, lemme just guess the church that the director attends


Tonia: CHAAAI, who tries to chike a chick in front of his mama LMAO. The girl sef, looks very question mark sha…

Tonia: Typical overprotective mama…Lawd God don’t let me meet a mama’s boy ohhhh

Aida: Why does the sinter in lagos husband look like he is meant to be her father?? He  looks better with their mom… with all the grey hairs on his head.

Tosin: Naija parents want you to be married, but not to date. The eternal scruggle.

Tonia: LMAO, I remember me asking my mom when I can date. She made my open to the book of Genesis and read about how God provided the ram for Abraham. She then said God would provide my husband like that……Jesu

Aida: How will he be ignoring his gf while the mom is there…haba and why the hell is he going on dates with his girl and his mom????? So basically the mom is competing with the girlfriend


Tonia: For reals!!! She’s acting like she’s going to marry the boy…mtchewwwww

Aida: The mother to marry the son nah!!!! what type of possessiveness is she practicing

Tonia: As if this woman entered the roooooom?!


Aida: Cock blocking mama

Tonia: Mtchew, she’s so irritating. Then again why are they having dates in his room????

Aida: All the wigs in this movie sha

Tonia: Typical k-leg wings, makeup, and costume. In addition to that, the lighting is if they are using one torchlight or the headlights from a car

Aida: I will legit slap somebody’s mother if she touches me and tells me to cover up… mind your damn business woman


Aida: As the mom is preaching to him about sins of the flesh he’s asking her “but mommy does it apply to people courting” isn’t he a grown man???

Tonia: UGGGGGGHHHHHH what his mom did in the restaurant ooooo. My mom pulls that stunt all the time, I remember sitting in the car with her at the traffic light, when a guy gets off the bus in front of us. Mind you, his pants are almost to his knees. Only for my mom to turn to me and tell me to roll down my window…urggghhhh mom pleaaaaaaaase don’t do it….I roll down my window and she yells to the guy, “PULL UP YOUR PANTS YOUNG MAN.” I swear the ground could have opened up and swallowed me in that passenger seat. I was dying of embarrassment. Interestingly enough, the guy said, “Yes ma’am,” pulled his pants up, redid his belt and waved as we drove away. I can never forget how embarrassed I was…never.

Tosin: Their soundtrack sounds like that song from Shrek


Ending Notes

Tosin: This movie is nostalgia city. It’s just a representation of some aspect of all our mothers/ matriarchs. As someone who lives on a campus, gets used to independence, and then every couple weeks has to come back to live under my parents roof and rules, it was really relatable. Whenever I come back me and my parents butt heads on one issue or another and most of the usual suspect topics were covered in this feem (religion, my independence, my driving habits and the effects of adulthood). STAY WITH YOUR PARENTS FOR 7 DAYS, THAT’S THE MAX. I really appreciated that while it wasn’t a bed of roses 24/7, it indicated a ~fairly~ normal mother/son relationship with generational gaps and Naija waiyo. However, they need to get a different cameraperson, because the person kept getting the shakes and just general technical stuff was off at times (lights, sounds and camera work). The pictures of the cast members and their moms at the end was a really cute touch.

Tonia: I quite like this movie it was very cute, and very nostalgic as Tosin mentioned. We learned that boys are rude (no offense LOL), I’m legit rethinking wanting to have a boy. Moving on sha, a topic that I would have wanted to see the movie explore would be the mama’s relationship with her daughter versus with her son. It was lightly touched upon, in the scenes where she would freak out about him not coming home. I liked the relationship displayed between the siblings though, small things like the picking of her brother’s beard in the kitchen, it added to the overall feel of closeness and intimacy in the movie.Overall sha, I liked the movie, but it was a bit slow paced for me. If you like family feel good movies that will make you miss your mama, this is a good choice for you.

Aida: At the end of the day she’s a mother so I cannot really fault her. Maybe because i’m not yet a mom I cannot truly understand where she’s coming from but as a sister I kind of do. He enables the mom’s obsession with him by fussing when she gives away his things for example the food. The mom needs a new man maybe then she’ll ease off the boy a little. The movie was dry to some extent. The fact that the mother was borderline obsessing with the him was just irking. A lot of scenes were not needed but it is the reality of things because mothers do go through it when their children finally get married and leave to start their own families. It is the cycle of life and i guess the movie does a good job of bringing this to light and documenting it. This gives some mothers hope when they feel they are going through it alone when it is a natural thing they all experience.

Overall rating: 6.5/ 10, it was a solid movie with good acting that kept us interested, but there were technical difficulties and because it was such a homely, familiar story, it relied heavily on nostalgia and the emotions of the audience, with the assumption/ hope that the audience members have a mother/ have a good relationship with their mothers, and would be interested in a movie that focuses solely on that relationship.


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