IrokoTV’s Description: An unlucky in love events planner who is approaching 30 is hired to plan a long time friend upcoming wedding which her yearning for romance. Unbeknownst to her a close friend secretly harbours affection for her and that starts to reverberate as an under current that will reach a tipping point.

Kilode, oh are you guys writing a thesis for an essay? Reverberate as an under current that will reach a tipping point ko, reverberate as an under current that will reach a tipping point ni. Mtchew.

Watch the trailer:


Thoughts during the movie

Tonia: Why does she have a random Britiko accent mixed with a tinge of naija, abegi park well my sista!

Juliana: Ask her for me

Tonia: All her wigs are tragic…Jesus. How can you claim to have come from abroad where you supposedly schooled and still be wearing k-leg hair hats.

Tosin: OC’s monotone, boring ass character can sit down. Goodness gracious. He looked cute though. Even with his wannabe Jidenna bear bear. His monotone voice discredited any type of spark. Like, I know he is better than this, what was he tryna do? Seem cool? I’s confused.


Tosin: However, The costumes were really good and befitting of wealthy, bougie repats.

Tonia: Why did Blossom have to associate himself with this film ooooo, chimo

Tosin: They kept doing this blurry panning out thing that just pained my eye

Tonia: Chai, Blossom oooooooo, well I should have suspected since you acted in that disaster of a movie- Mr & Mrs Onoja. Well, I still love you sha, you’re forgiven.


Tosin: That nigga always doing the absolute most



Ending notes

Tonia: OK OK, I went against me usual rules and read the comments on IrokoTV before watching- those commenters, God is watching you oh! As una dey decieve pesin to dey watch this film, but isalright, Jehovah has the final say

Tosin: Same. So many people have recommended this movie, so I was hyped…but the only good thing about the movie was the quality. It was extremely boring. A whole movie revolving around an average (no shade) girl looking for a boo. There wasn’t anything exciting about it. I could care less what happened with her love life because the story wasn’t interesting. The movie dry mehn. What is the point of good camera, costume, makeup and whatnot if the story is watery like diarrhea. Unoriginally unoriginals.


Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh, but the only reason is because the quality of the movie set it up for greatness and the story essentially told the quality…


Tonia: Abi oh, just scroll down to the comments and read all those lies in the reviews, chai my precious time- gone just like that. The acting from the female lead was so pretentious- actually everyone in the film was, it made my ass itch. I actually fell asleep watching this with Tosin, who promptly called me after to tell me the movie was over and to go to sleep- LMAO that says a lot. Plagiarism, should be the title of this movie (I can say that for the parts that I did watch), *cough cough* “Baggage Claim”, with Taye Diggs, Jill Scott, and Paula Patton. Watch this movie, with a glass of water, to enable you to swallow this sleeping tablet called “When Love Happens”. IrokoTV, with some of these movies you’re posting, respect yasef oh*Kpose-Kpose*


Tosin: This movie is a heaping pile of unoriginal, britico washed, ajeburra DOODOO wrapped up in gold and shine shine. Otitan.

Rating: 4.1/10. It’s pretty, we will give this movie that much but otherwise…


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