IrokoTV’s description: A record label executive has a celebratory night out and meets a beautiful socialite. This night out finds him in the hands of some desperate thugs, out for a ransom in exchange for his freedom.

*note: I really like IrokoTV’s new outlay, muy chic and user friendly*

Watch the trailer:


Thoughts during the movie

Tosin: Yo…there is the Nigerian DMX in this movie

nigerian DMX

Tonia: There’s a fault in the injury scene….he was hit on his right, but the wound was on his left

Tonia: Filo fine small oh, oh boy


Tosin: ….I comments my reserve

Tonia: I never knew abandoned building dey get WiFi


Tosin: Whish kine 419 sends their plan via e-mail doe? what happened to whatsapp?


Tonia: The Newbs do. Leave them alooone, they are just practicing.

Tosin: Ramsey Nouah needs a longer hospital dress…my eyes shall see no evil in Jesus name


Yasssss, what we really liked was the background music. It was not overpowering, instead it was relevant, and most important- IT DOESN’T TELL THE STORYLINE- well minus the random harry potter music.

We really liked the subtitles and how playful they were

The movie was well thought out and executed to near perfection

The ending was a real surprise in many forms, nice plot twist- as in, we never experred it!!


The only fault I was able to find in this movie was with the sound at the beginning (eg. when Ramsey is talking in his office). Afterwards it was fixed and there were no further issues.

Ending notes:

Tosin: Gbomo Gbomo express is a nollywood movie about the 419 culture in Nigeria, and I’m SO here for it!


A major beef I have with a lot of Naija movies is a “one or the other” kind of issue I keep seeing. It’s either there is really good audio, visual and generally good videographer, with a lack of character development, just generally boring ass, unoriginal storyline *cough* When Love Happens *cough* OR a movie with sub-par production value but a really good storyline. This movie is unique in the sense that it doesn’t quite fall into any of these categories (sans audio issues) and it was so….NIGERIAN.

I tire so much of Naija feems with 95% britico accents because it is mostly only representing upper higher class repats that end up just having the same boring issues (pele for you).


However, in this movie? So much pidgin! I cried tears of joy! Some of the main leads were poor, morally grey, 419ers that had complex, flawed characters: everything that I love. There was a badass, yet emotional female lead, and the repat was prolly the most boring character sef. The humor was uniquely Nigerian and the ending was unexpected, yet totally fitting: although I had some issues with the probability of that ending since it would take not only extensive research but psychic powers to be totally honest. If you tire of cookie cutter love and storylines, and if the sound of pidgin is music to your ears, this movie is for you!

Tonia: Gad damnit Filo, just read the email!! Oh and p.s., don’t read the comments on IrokoTV before watching the movie- you won’t like yourself.
Rating: 8.793/ 10 – Highly recommended




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