Aida: The beginning of the song confused me… then when she started singing the beat changed again…Why nah?

Tosin: The song was okay until Don Jazzy decided to insert himself into the song. His appearance near those ladies was mad uncomfortable mehn. Gerraway from my sisters!

Aida: The image of Don Jazzy behind a young girl  simulating a grind is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen

Tonia: As in, see the way he grabbed that girls’ waist and lifted one of her legs to the sky…pyuntae ahjussi (perverted old man)

iyanma face

Aida: Why does don jazzy feel the need to post his old ass in all his people’s videos? We know you are the oga it is okay…we don’t have to hear or see you in every mavin records artists video.

Tosin: Tiwa has no boory or waist so this song isn’t fitting for her AT ALL

Tonia: Waist-less child singing about waist…Don’t get me started on the singing without autotune…

Tosin: That BLATANT MTN plug tho


Tonia: Mtchew, MTN just tell us you want our services…but wait oh, MTN in London ke?

Tosin: That reminds me sef- they were geographically confused mehn. First she says she’s in southern mississippi, with wan uncle lying to her about her yansh, then she’s repping all African countries (even though she’s wearing West Indian Caribana outfits)…..and it was now shot in London. Confusion na wa.


Tonia: THEY WERE IN LONDOOOOONNNNN?!?!?! Ahan singing about African waist in LONDON…okay-ooooo, Tiwa we don hear. It gave me vibes of Timaya’s Bum Bum song. Not a good feeling….

Aida: Singing about African waist in Brazil… where they do that at? (Tonia: Point of correction, London) Okay london but what does carnival have to do with african waist?

Tosin: Like I said, geographically confused.

glj 2

Aida: The wanna be mashup of multiple beats did not work for me at all and the flow was not there.

Tonia: Burr, excuse me, what was going on in the middle of that video though?

Tosin: The song honestly sounded like 4 or so songs mashed togerra. Like seperately on their own they may have been okay, but togerra? Nah fam..

Aida: Reminds me of kele kele love

Tonia: Reminds me of nonsense….like for reals Naija artists can we sing about anything else apart from nyash/ikebe/ukwu?

wtf face

Ending ratings and comments

Tosin’s Rating: 4.23/10 – Parts of the song was good, literally up till 1:02, and then Don Jazzy came with his sef and added his husk. Then towards the ending the song got good again, but that EDM/ house music thing they tried to do in the middle? Nein. I also feel like it was specifically called “African” Waist in order to get views from people in other countries and subtles things like baba Jazzy saying “Chalie!” (an insignificant shoutout to Ghana) only contributed to the lost identity of the song. It claims to be African/ West Indian but is entirely in english and starts out by making the setting of the song in America… was lazy. Not to mention, there was no body diversity in a song supposed to be about a whole continent and their anatomy.  

Tonia’s Rating: 1/10- Nah lie, this video was nonsense, with sprinkled ingredient, mtchewwww. Don Jazzy needs to stay in his lane. Always wants to be considered as Baba yet he does this nonsense. Bros, abeg park well. The most irritating part was the random mix of Afrobeat, Electronic, and House Music, the thing didn’t even flow. If I hear this song at anyones’ party this year, just know I’m giving you a strong side-eye.Kposé-Kposé (rubbish)….

Aida’s Rating: My rating is -2.5/10 They owe me some gawd damn points. African Waist…more like African Trash (waste). Don Jazzy’s voice saying “control” and “na so” is painfully stuck in my head and I cannot unsee him grinding behind that woman. Everyone does not have to do the damn “whip and nae nae”… Chisos, I thought we left that in 2015.

2 thoughts on “Tiwa Savage- “African Waist” Music Video Review

  1. Hello Joyce, I really miss working with Jaden at Lapitete. i hope you and your family are doing well and your prayers are always with me. If you need anything at all please dont be afraid to ask. Tell Jaden hi and i miss him. (Ms Amy)


  2. Salam Satu malaysia, Kenapa susah sangat tuan,bukankah trio T tahu hal ini dan menyebarkannya,sudah tentu mereka tau!Kalau tidak masakan mereka berani dan Eskay telah mengaku dia berada dalam video itu.Dakwalah mereka yg menyebarkannya dan dlm perbicaraan nanti akan keluarlah semua maklumat!Tuan!Plz lah buat dgn betul ALLAH sudah pun tau!!!


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