Ibaka’s Description:

Ramsey, a rich and handsome casanova entraps himself in Casey’s web of fury when he decides to treat her like every other girl he had met. The effect of what she does to him afterwards, changes his live forever.

WARNING- This film is rated 18+. Full of nudity and implied lewd acts, that are not suitable for children.

“having a dick and some testosterone doesn’t make a man a man”….. our inner feminist screamed with joy and the utterance of these words. 

As far I’m concerned the name of the movie should be “Mad Wins in the End.” Why did she have to become psychotic? She could have gotten her revenge without kidnapping him…like we don’t know- she could have just tried to ruin his business or take over his business instead. That plot seems a bit more realistic than the “Misery” sort of plot. If you’ve seen the American movie you’ll get the reference.

*Kpose-kpose* Nigerian films and plagiarism shaaaa. This thing must stop, mbanu!


There’s no moral to the story because the crazy chick Cassey got away with her crimes. The characters that mattered, like the lady Ramsey made a bet with in the beginning concerning the fall of his company, and such in the movie just vanished like that. Cassey is going to raise a baby with a husband that does not love her with blood on her hands….really now??

  1. The movie starts out with a mediocre sex scene… obviously the fiance of the leading lady is handicapped in the love making scene (being generous here)
  2. The sex scenes were really not needed and for heaven’s sake the closeup of Cassey’s private parts was very disturbing and highly unnecessary
  3. At the bar, the woman orders red wine, is served white and is okay with it (error)
  4. She tied him up for days in a room in her friend’s house and kept having sex with him and then she has the nerve to tell him he stinks. Then why on God’s green earth is she having sex with a person that hasn’t showered and brushed his teeth in weeks?


  • She murders her friend
  • She gets away with murder and gets the man by threatening him.54339824

Rating: 2/10 The actors were not so bad but the story made no sense. The quality and lighting of the movie is good and the outfits were all on point besides that everything else is a waste of time. Save your time and give this movie a pass.


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