Ibaka’s description:

Paul’s generousity (*generosity*) leads him to helping a disabled young girl, bringing out the best her. He is yet to find out that this disabled stranger is much more than he had ever imagined. (Were you as confused as I was in reading that description? Good.)


I typically love Desmond Elliot movies as they tend to have higher quality actors, storylines (*sometimes*), and quality of production. Elliot’s biggest downfall is his inability to end a movie with an appropriate, wholesomely conclusive, wrapped up, ties-all-the-loose-ends-while-being-true-to the-established-characters ending. As in, bros kilode?! You were doing so well.


  1.  The movie opened up dialogue about disabilities in Nigeria, and the way people react to and treat people with disabilities (you know, for the 5 seconds that disability was the focus)
  2.    The acting was aiite- minus all the yelling and overacting (like we get it bruh, you aren’t happy)
  3.    The makeup and costumes were on point
  4.    I like how they utilized the various rooms in this one Lekki house. (for reals, get another house. Or at least make it less obvious that it’s the same house).But the one house was nicely decorated, I didn’t know NGO directors made that much money.
  5.    The camera angles were perfect, and the movie was HD, making it look like it was at least from this era
  6.  Festus Ojo’s (aka. Ronald) claim to fame is that he got to rest his head on Ini Edo’s bosom


  1.    MUST YOU YELL?!?!?!?!?! As in 35% of this movies was just yelling…that’s 35% too much. I started to drink water on their behalf because I know for a fact that their voices must have been stressed.8290df7061b405d5ab6bf7315a4d993ced88436e9424bbcc5c0a40224949098b
  2.    The movie title, and the fact that it was produced by Royal Arts Academy, is pure trickery. Look at me starting this movie thinking it was about to be something “gehn-gehn” and original. Only for me to see it’s the typical “mother-in-law is an annoying pain in the butt movie”.
  3.    The annoying idea of taking back an ain’t-shit husband despite all the evil he has done. Nope, not today Satan.I-Will-Not-Accept-That-gif
  4.    Why does half of the title cover include a wheelchair only to see said wheelchair and its recipient for like 5 seconds before we jump back into the original (but unintentional) story of marital problems.
  5.    Femi Adebayo should never speak English again- stick to Yoruba my friend. 
  6.    So many gbagauns…wpjbz
  7.    Iyabo Ojo should just take her children away from movies….forever. The acting gene no pass to them.
  8.    The movie should be named “Beyond my Mother In Law” or “Beyond my  Marriage of Lies”, the subject of disability was just glossed over.
  9.    Desmond Elliot is a professional at ruining film endings *cough cough- see Lies Men Tell for example*
  10.   Ronald reaaaaally needs a line up. Thunder fire his barber. Well, I can’t blame you sha, your movie fada didn’t care about your eyesight, how can he care about your hairline.
  11.   Please use ANOTHER HOUSE. Lord, how can both Desmond and Iyabo’s home scenes be the same as Femi Adebayo’s? Same furniture. Same duvet. Same laptop. Same fridge for God’s sake. Kilodeeee.
  12.   The flashback scene of his family enjoying themselves that Femi had, was actually a flash-forward scene. They were wearing the exact same outfit in his flashback as the ending scene.


Rating: 6/10 –The movie failed terribly at what it was supposed to do- addressing the topic of disability in Nigerian society. Don’t make a typical naija film under the guise of talking about disability. They could have told the story of how the girl started painting, and Uncle Desmond’s character could have been a minor part in her story but I guess that’s not as interesting?


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