Ibaka description:

Edem (Bishop Umoh) plagued with diarrhoea leaves his gate unmanned in search of tissue paper. There’s a robbery in the neighbourhood and two strangers run in through the open gate for safety. Ikenna is forced to open his door to his neighbours, the strangers and Edem. For several hours, they must tolerate one another’s differences as they pray for safety.


I was skeptical, but it was pretty good.


  1. The simplicity of the plot. It’s literally just a situation in which an array of characters with different tribes, different religions and different life philosophies are forced to interact with each other. This simple plot allows for more complex characters like the juju wielding, bible reciting, black nationalist character (my personal fave).
  2. Although gatemen are usually a source of brief comic relief in Nigerian films, the gateman in this case was a principal character, offering his views and commentary on different topics and situations.
  3. The procession of the plot was pretty good. Once we were accustomed to the characters and setting, a mystery was introduced, and a clear conclusion was made.
  4. There was a kind of commentary on the jungle justice of Nigeria – which tends to happen due to a distrust in our police/ government.
  5. All the actors were fantastic 🙂  (Except Alex Ekubo whom I DESPISE). I keed, even Alex was pretty good. I prefer him in these kind of films as opposed to the serious ones where he can’t act to save his life.


  1. The way they treated grey leggings’ body, and the general treatment of women’s bodies. At no point were the men’s bodies treated in such a way. Yet, at some point throughout the movie all of the women were subjected to either an unwarranted discussion on their sexuality, or unwarranted eyes and camera concentration on their bodies – It was really uncomfortable and unneeded.
  2. There was some corny ass points with the love story. Like, do you really just spout bible verse to woo people? Is this a new method I have not heard of *recites songs of Solomon to my crush*
  3. The poop humor – tew murch. We get it, he shits a lot, move on.
  4. They SHAAAAA found a way to involve Christianity into the redemption of the “villian”……Naija peepoo sha.
  5. The red pants dude is just there to convert the said villain and has not other use in the film, I hope he got paid for time spent.

Rating: 6.68/10. It was a pretty solid, enjoyable film.

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