Iroko’s description:

A desperate father, who has recently lost his job accepts the offer from a neafarious old friend to kidnap a pregnant woman for ransom, in order to raise money for his son’s urgent surgery.



That essentially summates how I felt about this movie. Chidi Mokeme was my childhood bae so when I saw that he had a fairly “new” movie on Iroko, I jumped on the train mehn. Little did I know…

Can I just say when the movie began I figured it was just a “Finding Mercy” 2.0 and it was just going to be unoriginal. To add insult to injury, not only was it unoriginal, the script was amazingly horrible, the acting was incredibly sub-par and the story had neither head nor tail.

Spoiler Alerts ahead –

I started having issues with the movie from the get-go –

1) WHY would a man who was desperate to save his child not want to go on national TV to ask for assistance? So, your ego is too big to save your child – and later we find out, your grandmother??? This action single-handedly strips us of the emotional portion of this movie. We are supposed to feel bad for our lead guy, we are supposed to cheer him on – but if he isn’t taking every measure to save his child, why should we care that he has to turn to a life of crime to save his child? It would have been much better if he HAD gone that route, and exhausted every option available. Then we, the audience, would feel how desperate and in need of the money to push him to take the actions he took.

2. The “experienced” criminal was the mumuest of mumu’s. Like, why would you take an inexperienced JJC, high moral, follow-Jesus-till-the-end fellow to such a high stake job? Why do they never think to HIDE THEIR IDENTITIES?!!! This is criminal acts 101, don’t leave witnesses for Habakkuk’s sake! Not to mention the part that aggravated me the most was when the mother of the child had died, And this goat of a creature wanted to kill the child! Mind you, my aggravation doesn’t come from a place of empathy or sympathy but of greediness. If you kidnapped a pregnant woman to get money, and the chief is trying to have a child…..why not call the chief and collect a ransom for the child? Why would you kill living bank statement like that? ESPECIALLY since the mother is now dead and the chances of the chief having another child is dramatically low.

3. Chidi Mokeme kills his criminal “friend”……because he was about to kill the pharmacist woman. Riddle me this, for someone who has never used a gun, who had such an issue with leaving casualties, why did he kill so easily?

4. Now, we had a new character, I’m going to call her pharmacist lady  (PL) because her name wasn’t that important. Pharmacist lady’s lines were horrendous. She never seemed to truly feel like she was in danger. I have never seen someone tell someone else about the death of their loved one so easily before. While she was “kidnapped” she essentially made a joke, I think, talking about how she wanted to call her fiance to tell him she was kidnapped. For someone who just witnessed a death and some pretty traumatic events, she was just chillin. So PL suggested that they sell the baby…..why….why sell the baby for a fraction of the cost it would be to sell it back to the father? Enough to pay his son’s surgery, his grandma’s burial, and to leave the country. Olorun Oba hep meh.

5. At a certain point, I completely forgot his son was dying. That little kid looked just fine.

6. The Chief’s baby was plastic by the way for a majority of the movie….not even a black plastic baby. They didn’t even try to hide it. The thing neva even cried.

7. While they did not even have good basics, they tried to include a mystery into the movie by suggesting that the chief had essentially stolen someone’s wifey/ potential baby.

8. The ending was rubbish, because the son still gonna die….and that was, I thought, supposed to be the main issue.

The only good thing about the movie was it had nice camera quality and I only mean the color and HD-ness…..not the stability of the camera cause camera man had the shakes apparently

Rating: 3/ 10 . Watch this movie if your movies don’t need to make sense



9 thoughts on ““Hitch”- Nollywood Movie Review

    1. ehi Paolo, non si potrebbe registrare questo tuo intervento e metterlo on-line?Mi piacerebbe molto seguirlo ma, nn posso nel momento in cui verrà treoaasss…Cimo! 🙂


  1. / I don’t forget watching it on grainy black and white (of course) Tv set in the home. I don’t forget acquiring right into a big battle with my brothers cuz I explained I required to wander to the moon and they stated stupid girl, women never wander on the moon. And. sadly, to this day thy12#8&e7;re ideal.


  2. Euchy,sí, yo sé, de lo conrtario no tomarías Pepsi Light! :-PPor no mencionar otros ejhehlos…Cpo,may que cortar por lo sano, mientras la destrucción no ha sido tan grande.


  3. Тому раджу вимагати цю кіно прем’єру в оригіналі без російської мови, бо озвучку вони не встигли зробити, шовіністи кляті Ðнтец€-ФілÑ̐¼!


  4. Oops, the book title is &#ia80;Models.Beh2v2ng.Badly: Why Confusing Illusion with Reality Can Lead to Disaster, on Wall Street and in Life”. Copy & Paste, argh.


  5. I agree with 77 and 88. I really think I lot of ppl WISHED they could rock 1/3 of the sh– Amber can rokh.Whetcer she’s a ho or not, the BISH is FLY and has an AWESOME sense of style. Better than most. Sorry!


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